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Laptop Upgrades

Updated: May 24, 2019

Speeding things up.

Device: Lenovo Y520 Gaming Laptop

Issue: Gaming Laptop Getting Slow. Takes more than 5mins to boot into windows. Games take very long to load.

Solution: PCIE SSD and RAM Upgrade

Taking advantage of the onboard PCIE M.2 2280 interface which has a link speed of 16Gb/s as compared its SATA counterpart (only 6Gb/s), we added 512 GB of Solid State Storage to the computer. For the regular customer’s gaming needs, we also swapped the existing 4GB RAM to a modest 16GB 2400Mhz DDR4 module.

We chose Gigabyte PCIE M.2 SSD and Kingston Value Ram for their price-performance ratio as other SSDs from brands like Samsung would easily cost at least a hundred dollars more.

Conclusion: The laptop now boots into windows in under 10 seconds and games launch as soon as you click on them. The machine is also quieter and more power efficient!

Here’s to one more happy customer.

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